Jun 18, 2015 - Latex package normally I use for write on latex.


Well latex is the best, if you don’t know you have to learn. I really recommendo for docs, order docuemntation, manuals and also som presentation. I normmally use latex for all =)

But always is good to share some tips, I write a lot of docs on spanish, and when I learn latex accent wasn’t my friends.

This package I recommend for a simple usage or little article:

    %My preference about document
    \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} %this was the solution for spanish speaker

Enjoy :)

Jun 16, 2015 - Favorite wget to download web


Frequently commands for download all from specific url:

    wget --mirror -p --html-extension --convert-links www.jguzman.cl
    wget -r --no-parent www.jguzman.cl
    wget -A pdf,jpg,css,png,js,doc,docx,xls,xlsx -m -p -E -k -K -np http://www.jguzman.cl
    wget --no-clobber --convert-links --random-wait -r -p -E -e robots=off -U mozilla www.jguzman.cl

Jun 16, 2015 - Create route 53 record AWS


If you already followed this article and created a Route 53 record for your sub domain, that means we can proceed to add TXT records now. Please note that i assume that you use three different services for all this like Amazon for hosting, Godaddy/Name/NameCheap etc for domain, MailJet/SendGrid/ElasticEmail etc for emails send out.

Now for example, i want to send my users a welcome email when they join my blog [no-reply@blog.anl4u.com]. As you can see blog.anl4u.com. Now if you try to insert a SPF record for blog sub domain in TXT section of your hosted domain DNS area. Most probably it will throw an error, saying that there is already an entry for blog in CNAME section. Considering that you are using load balancer and added blog sub domain in the CNAME section for that load balancer.

So to overcome this issue, simply create a Route 53 record for your sub domain and attach your load balancer to that sub domain. Follow this article to create a Route 53 record.

Let’s add SPF record 1st, click on the Create Record Set button. Leave the name field as it is(it will show your sub domain). From the Type select TXT, in the Value field paste the text you get from the Email provider for SPF with quotes and save the entry.


Create a DKIM entry now. In the Name field add this ‘mailjet_domainkey’ without quotes. As you can see, i am using mailjet. You can change that to yours. Choose TXT from the Type drop down. Input the long line in the value field with quotes and save it. Now you will have 5 records NS, SOA, A, 2 TXT.


I assume you already added the NS records for your sub domain by following the article mentioned above. Now go to your Email sender service and validate the SPF and DKIM entries.


And that’s it, happy sending emails.


Jun 10, 2015 - Git reset a solution always


Is usefull remind this… with git you have always a solution.. I actually make a mistake working on contrib project, and need a urgency rollback of one of my remote branches, the problema was simple delete a commit, and I found this post on stackoverflow response so usefull then I think “dude” you have to share, enjoy if you hve a bad memory like me:

What if I need a delete a bad commit made it.The list of solution:

Careful: git reset --hard WILL DELETE YOUR WORKING DIRECTORY CHANGES. Be sure to stash any local changes you want to keep before running this command.

When you commit are the last, then this command will

git reset --hard HEAD~1

The HEAD~1 means the commit before head.

Or, you could look at the output of git log, find the commit id of the commit you want to back up to, and then do this:

git reset --hard <sha1-commit-id>

If you already pushed it, you will need to do a force push to get rid of it…

git push origin HEAD --force

However, if others may have pulled it, then you would be better off starting a new branch. Because when they pull, it will just merge it into their work, and you will get it pushed back up again.

If you already pushed, it may be better to use git revert, to create a “mirror image” commit that will undo the changes. However, both commits will both be in the log.

FYI – git reset --hard HEAD is great if you want to get rid of WORK IN PROGRESS. It will reset you back to the most recent commit, and erase all the changes in your working tree and index.

Lastly, if you need to find a commit that you “deleted”, it is typically present in git reflog unless you have garbage collected your repository.

source : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1338728/delete-commits-from-a-branch-in-git